News Alert Be FREE Why do that to yourself? You know deep within you don’t fit. Stop seeking validation from those who have clearly shown you where you stand with them. Those who hate you without cause. Those who mistreat you because you let them. Those who despise your very appearance and presence. Those who … More Be FREE


Know Your Worth

Know your WORTH!If you never say anything and keep ALLOWING it, whatever the IT is, they will keep on doing IT. If you keep TAKING it and making excuses for others, they will keep on dishing it without any regard, remorse or care. If you remain passive, calm and docile for the sake of keeping … More Know Your Worth


One of my childhood friends died this past weekend. We were really close in High School but grew apart later in life. Somehow his death made me think more about life. Saturday, I preached the funeral of a 93 year old “productive” pillar of society. Her death inspired me to give this life my very … More Today

Mothering for Free

A mothers job is never over. In this season I choose to switch the term from job to commitment fueled by unconditional love. My 10 month old screamed out, I heard her from her room. I listened to see what type scream, then it turned to small whimpers. I knew she only needed some love … More Mothering for Free

Good Morning

It’s been a while. Time to wake up. Just like a deep sleep you have to shake and stretch and turn and twist to get yourself up and moving again. But once you get the blood flowing then you move forward and start the pace for the day. So we are waking up. We are … More Good Morning

Living IT Now

“Peace is you POSITION of Power.” ~ Gewanda J. Parker I have been through some profound and emotionally and physically taxing experiences recently — being on total bed rest with a high risk pregnancy and having to put my career on hold, raising a two year old, soul searching, overcoming huge obstacles and deciding to … More Living IT Now

Older Mothers

For the many ladies who contact me privately about their journey, hopes, fears, frustration of wanting to be a mom or mothering in their 40’s. Be encouraged!!! Don’t give up!!!!  Mothering has a new look! It looks like those who have lived full lives then decided to build a family, those who have suffered infertility … More Older Mothers