My Journey began…

I was dying inside. I had to escape inward to find out what was happening. There was a foul smell seeping from my pores. I knew something deep within was decaying. I could tell by the way my outward world begin to unravel. Things that brought me joy could no longer. People became a soreness to me and an aching pain just to be around any human flesh. Isolation gave me refuge. The comfort of my four walls inside the larger square foot palace.

I was dying, I needed to find the final resting place. I had to put the rumbling and tumbling to an end. I couldn’t take another breathe. I didn’t have the strength to go just one more step. It was done. It was finish.

I took the plunge to go inward. I had to find out if there was any life left. A glimmer of hope, a spark, a twinkle, a dim piece of light. Could I survive? Would I be able to rescue me.

Who was the me?

Who was the being I had to save from exiting total existence? I had to find a way to save her. It was a matter of death first than life.

I had to go inside, and thus the journey inward began.

Going Inward!


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