PEACE from Within

I have/had spent a number of my days searching for peace. I kept coming up short. I realized as I felt the hurriedness of my psyche that the places I was searching for peace did not exist and would not ever come about if I continued in that realm. Others, things, acceptance, finances, relationships, connections, prestige, power etc…

Thus I took another approach. I started looking at myself differently and began to search within the corridors of my life. There were some areas in me that produced peace if I would only admonish them and reach inward instead of outward. So I did the following:

  •  I talked to God and I told God what was going on in me and why I felt so disquieted.  I explained it all and what it felt like and why I had come to that place.
  • I begin to read a verse in the bible either Psalm or Proverbs and found one that stuck out to me and made me feel better.
  • I spent some time alone doing something that would fuel me. (write a poem, sing a song, draw a picture, read a book, worked in the yard) Anything that gave me a sense of calm.
  • I then revisited the area and gave it back to God once and for all and asked God to help me to move on.

Well at first it was hard to stick with JUST ME but soon enough it began to work and you know I begin to find the inner calm and serenity inside myself. It connected me to God and it gave me something firm to stand on. I often found out just a little something else about myself and it was beautiful to embrace that part of me.

PEACE became a part of who I was and what I wanted to carry out and the state I wanted to live in life. Nothing else outside myself would begin to gain that power over me again. Simple steps that yielded powerful gains.

PEACE, a quiet resolve that I could live my life in peace and quietness from within.

Going Inward!


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