Last Saturday I freaked out on a few people. All of whom I love very deeply…instead of my just coming out and divulging the inner thoughts, I projected and tripped!

One was very mature, the other, well…. still sulking.

I apologized to them both by the end of the day and revealed my sincere feelings and thoughts….I created acrostic for the word APOLOGY! as this was the method I used.

A ccept your wrong

P ut down your pride

O pen your heart for change

ove  despite it all

O vercome feelings of guilt and shame

G ive them an opportunity to heal

Y ield to the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Timing for apologies are crucial we can’t just spit one out without meaning it and ready to change in the future, so guard this area with sensitivity.

God is always there to help.

Just try real hard not to go to sleep with anger in your heart!

Going Inward!


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