Making the Time

I realized I need to have about 30 minutes to myself midmorning and mid afternoon. This is in addition to my morning devotion time and evening time.

 What I have found is this quiet time allows me to reconnect with myself and to check how I am progressing with me. Not anyone else but me, if I am able to just sit, think, read, write or … taking the time refuel me and I am in harmony with living in the present moment. I am able to clarify my priorities and drop distractions for that day. At the end of the day, I am more focused, have things in order and am ready to progress into my life and my world. In times past, I have lived like a hamster on a spinning wheel, just running and running trying to stay on top of the wheel to prevent me from falling. Ironically, not much happened except me being tired, out of breath and dizzy from all the stress and activities that did not produce the fruit I wanted nor carry out all the goals before me.


Make the Time to Take Time for yourself…….

Listen to your life. Listen to your body.

Listen to your emotions.

Listen to your relationships.

Listen to the pace of life you are living.

Listen to that inward witness that will lead and guide you.

It is worth it; you will be a better you and in tune with what is most important and vital in the NOW. Making the time to take the time will strengthen your resolve to recognize distractions. It will help you to say no and show where and what to put your time in.

It will help you to learn you and begin to love you even more.

Time gives you only one shot not to waste it; if you do not use it wisely, you have forfeited your excellent opportunity.

Going Inward!


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