Living or Existing

A while back I went to my godmother’s funeral. She was the one who actually renamed me and boy was she hard one on me as a child. She always said, I had a strong personality so she couldn’t afford to cut any slack with me. I remember growing up and being a little afraid of her, she was more than stern, but I also enjoyed the love she offered; of which now I understand that’s just part of it and they go hand in hand. Growing and developing does not always feel good and we may need a strong hand to steer and guide us in the right path. She like many others have poured into my life and the process of transformation has not always been easy but it’s the time and energy that one invest into a diamond in the rough.

As I reflect on her life, She makes number 6 within a 2 year span, of those in my life who have transcended from this life into the next. In two days I will be remembering the 2nd anniversary of my grandmother’s death. “My Granny” Time takes away the bitter sting but there is always a fleeting memory. She too shared this same mode of training. Funny how when these people are gone we miss their presence so much but during their stay we lead busy lives that leave them desiring OUR presence. I must be truthful, I have regrets. I wish I had spent more time talking, visiting, sharing my life and not trying to be super human and chasing “life” as I viewed what was the important thing at those moments.

In these two years, I’ve come to know by experience, not intellect, that Death is so Final and we don’t get another chance in doing it right, whatever the IT may be; nor will be able make corrections for the blunders we created or lived through. While we are here we must do all we can to savour what we have in the relationships we have and live in the richness of life itself.

 Thus my newest resolve:


POUR time into those who celebrate & cherish you.


DROP guards.



Send letters.

Humble yourself.


Give Hugs.

Be sweet.


Don’t chase dead ends.


Take time to grieve.

REST when you are tired.

Believe the best of everyone no matter what they show you.

LIVE to leave a legacy.

Love hard but healthy.

Share yourself.

Forget the trivial mess.

Let people run their mouth while you run your business.

I’m choosing to Live and not merely exist.


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