This year I did my month a little differently… I celebrated the gift of Gewanda.

I know this may sound a little selfish, but really it’s not. I have lived YEARS for others, and growing theirs, and working and serving, and denying myself for others. None of it bad, just that this month, I decided to appreciate the gift of life God has given me.

….I have started and in 22 short days………….

I’ve been resting more.

I joined a gym and am loving it so far!

I wrote a poem.

Drew a picture.

Wrote a song, I WILL RECORD.

I ended an unhealthy connection.

I took a risk and embarked on something new.(STAY TUNED)

I read (am reading) a novel just for fun.

I hired a life coach.

I took MY break during my breakTIME

I hung out with a dear friend for one FULL DAY!

And said no.

I’m planning a family trip.


I’m deciding to rearrange some of my relationships with others.

I preached to myself. (smile) and actually took my own advice. IT WORKED!

Turned down a deal to save my sanity.

Buying a few things I need for myself.

Redecorating my bedroom, just how I want it…..

As a result…I’m a little less stressed and starting to see more productivity.

Going Inward is getting better by the events….


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