TIME is a TREASURE, Value it…

These past few weeks have been an interesting ride for me.

In short my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer.

In a few weeks she may not be here according to the reports.

I’ve prayed, cried, sighed, stared in space, fasted, talked, pinched myself to embrace this new reality.

Today, I came to the conclusion, all I have now is time…

So why waste my days in pain and fear?

What will be, will be and God still will be glorified in all of our lives.

I asked God to bring her PEACE… she needs it; she’s suffered all the days of my life and before I even came on the scene.

Thus, how He chooses will best answer the cry of my heart because it’s in Him that I trust, rely and dependĀ  on.

My next season will be spent IN VALUING the treasure of Time and not wasting yet one more moment.

Once it’s expended then we can never recover it…




One thought on “TIME is a TREASURE, Value it…

  1. I can only imagine the roller coaster you’ve been on these past few weeks. The thing is, I have been on my own ride. I totally agree with the TIME statement. It’s all we have. Some TIMES are better than others but if we’re in it we deal with it (whether we want to or not…or it deals with us). God is always ON TIME in our TIME. But sometimes we get so caught-up in TIME and with TIME that we don’t make TIME with/for HIM. Then during times on our ‘roller coaster’ we remember and are reminded how valuable our time is with HIM. It prepares us and strenghtens us for the biggest roller coaster of all LIFE. I’ve learned to do what matters most at that moment, while I have TIME because I may not get another chance/opportunity.

    With that being said, in my TIME I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. Know that I love you my dear friend!



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