I “Think”……

In light of all my other concerns. I just opened an email of a person wanting to start a church. It went something like this, “I believe, (I THINK) God wants me to start a church. I’m thinking of relocating. Don’t know where but maybe this is birth pains.” Can you help in the discernment process?

Nothing personally slighted at the person at all. I understand discernment, timing, season, calling, training, serving and launching…. But something else shot through me like  soreness of disgust.

Why? was my first thought…..ANOTHER CHURCH?

Certainly if one is in a personal quandary of life, why start a church to reciprocate this same instability in a sheepfold who needs a shepherd that’s committed to following God’s leading?

When I travel down south, there are literally churches on every other corner. But between all the blocks I see drug addicts, homeless people, wounded folk and those who are clearly lost and needing disciplining.

I don’t think another church is the solution; just my opinion and you know we all have one of those. I believe there is a smorgasbord of them.(churches) All kinds….you can already pick one and HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!

However, what I think we need is a unified flock of folk who will lay down their life for the KINGDOM. With a dogmatic tenacity to be the church at large and fulfill the greatest commandment.

Why not connect and help build, support and strengthen one church that’s already established? Is this personal pride, vain glory, unteachableness, or true calling? Trust me I’m not passing judgment. I’m just wondering what’s up with all the preachers, prophets, bishops, evangelist, prophetess who surface by day as quickly as stars appear in the night.

Just pondering….AND ….

The journey continues!


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