About a month ago… I couldn’t say this… Its been a journey….IF YOU ONLY KNEW THE STRUGGLE ….(got to buy the book to get the full story)

BUT TODAY….I’m taking inventory of the blessings of God….

Just left the massage parlor and now I’m sitting here eating one of my favorites…(ice cream and hot brownie) The hot and cold sensation just makes for a great snack. I have evening plans out of the house..on the town,  hanging with someone very special. 

Today for lunch I entertained a group of four. One of Gewanda’s specialities, I absolutely love to cook and although I cook “MY WAY” I’m working on the art or presentation as I become more of a chef. It was so much fun… preparing a nice pretty meal for them… Out of 10 I got a 9 for presentation and 8 for the taste… Not bad I would say.

Tomorrow my nephews will arrive on train and I’ll get a chance to entertain in the toddler’s world and little baby’s laughs, and poops.

Last night I went to the theater, saw a great movie, SALT with Angelina Jolie. You should see it if you haven’t.  On my way out, got complimentary tickets to go again. OH…..OMG… I bought about 15 books for 50 cents each. If you’ve ever been to my house you know I literally have a library and everyone knows I’m a book freak… I can live  in Barnes and Noble, Any Christian Book Store, Books a Million etc… This just relaxes me… How nice of God to honor my budget and pleasure  these days and let me splurge on good “cheap’ books. I was in Heaven on the aisle. ALSO,Yesterday had a wonderful conversation with my life coach and we both shared. Plans of action for my next steps..and accountablity….It feels good to have mutually respectable associations.

 God Blessed me last week with a wonderful time away, relaxing on the sandy shores….just after a week and a half  in Hollywood for some desperately needed Self-Care and Survival.  Met a wonderful group of ladies….oh how special they all were. Each with a special kindness of purity, pain and purpose. We all connected in a God niche way. Funny how you miss some people who you just meet. They stamp themselves in your heart.

Next It’s time for a cruise or a conference I feel it in my bones… I really need to be at the WIM in September in Atl. with Dr. Hale. I will have to see how  my work will let this pan out… However, Any woman in Ministry…. this will take you to a new level you need to make it there if you can!

Two days ago I had a wonderful conversation with a group of people who rekindled in me an appreciation for their friendship and genuine love and care. My phone is now ringing with stimulating conversations, counsel or purpose calls. Not the nerve racking calls of  the last few months. Ugh…I was beginning to fall, deep into a place of despair, depression and weirdness. Too much of the wrong stuff had gotten in… and I was in a tailspin. My attitude stunk, and I was in a real funk. It wasn’t pretty and I was ugly.

So as I reflect today… I’ve come to the resolve that I love my life and although there are a lot of things going on in it that may not be the thing to brag or boast about there’s more to Praise and Thank God for than complain about.  It’s imperative to look at the glass half full than half empty and to count the blessings instead of rehearsing the bad.

I list these things because of God bringing through the storm  and…… It’s simply me and what fuels me..  I had let the cares of life take me out, away, down to low and not where I wanted to go or be… It’s a painful process to accept truth, but once we do we can and will experience the freedom and liberty of knowing God can and will set us free from all the enemies (in or that surround) me!

I’m LIVING  AGAIN….I’ve made the comeback… out of my shadow…..

NOT regretting the yesterday(s) OR fretting the tomorrow(s)… BUT LIVING IN TODAY

PRESENT TENSE, RIGHT NOW…typing this blog, on my couch, preparing to leave and thinking about me , THANKING GOD and working out my soul’s purpose for the kingdom.

I’m filled with joy RIGHT NOW…. because I’ve made the decision to


This Journey just took a new turn!


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