I kept asking questions of things and situations I just couldn’t understand.. It really all involved a few personal situations with people I knew or had dealings with….  I pondered the matters over and over and over again… things did not add up or I just couldn’t put my finger on it…

Then I stopped… I  took  a long hard look into the Hearts..of these people in all the situations….


I saw some that were hard,

Some were ugly AND mean

Some were cold,

Some were pure,

 Some were evil,

 Some were nasty,

Some were clean

Some were envious

Some were shady

Some were broken

Others were gentle  and meek

 Some were sealed

 Some needed to be healed..

God spoke to me and said…..”Gewanda you must …..Guard yours with all diligence… your life flows  from this source….Now go back and examine the fruit in the life of those hearts. ”

WOW…..I marveled at the revelation of my findings….and my questions ceased

 The Journey continues….


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