Goodbye and Hello

I have an old friend who reentered my life after about 15 years, we both approached this season with the anticipation, glee and zeal of the last season we experienced. What I found is that a lot had changed in those years and you can’t build on something new if you don’t say good bye to the old. Whew!!! What  a hard lesson to learn as this season brought with it a new set of challenges that nearly destroyed the beauty of the what we shared in the past.  A endearing friendship that hopefully will never end.

The tenderness of that relationship forced me to recollect the pieces of my life and take assessment of who I was, and was not, where I was going, who I had linked up with and what steps I would make to keep going forward.  It brought ME to the realizations of  life in the lane we chose to live it in and the consequences or blessings of our choices.

So in loving my life today… I came to a few resolves from yesterday (s)  

Love deeply! Be Authentic in your presentation.

Accept what you will never change.

Decide where you fit or don’t and move in or out!

NEVER compromise, either Go all the way or not at all!

Define your destiny keys…

Feel the freedom to be uniquely you!

Believe your gut and not sabotage your discernment with rationales!

LISTEN to the silver heads around you and not so much the butterflies within you!

Take hold of your life and paint on the canvas God has given you

Spend more time loving life than trying to die and escape the reality you created!

Celebrate those who celebrate you

Dis the ones that use you!

Spend more time on the main thing  and no time on TIME STEALERS

At the end of the day…..

What does your “GUARDED” heart say…

IS IT….really WORTH the fight, the work, the sweat, the tears, the fears or are you just wasting your time and energy on dead horse.

IN REALITY ! Too much time has been wasted…

Cut your losses, grieve the past…..


and then Make new memories….



2 thoughts on “Goodbye and Hello

  1. I love this…. I ‘m using a few of these quotes on my facebook page… hope you don’t mind…. love you….would I happen to know that old friend? 🙂


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