We Need More Mothers!

In light of my recent post, Full of Lies. This morning I thought,  wouldn’t it be wonderful if every older women took a younger women under her wings and just TALKED to them. Titus 2:4 gives us these explicit instructions on how older women should train younger women.

No strings attached, no godmother, no weirdness of control, but just… “Come here baby, let me impart to you some wisdom” Let me tell you a little about your modesty, or your attire, or your profanity or your hygiene, a little about sisterhood or even how to spot a real man versus a coward or a bozo.

Many women have the answers to something within the experience of living, but for some reason they (we) fail to reach out and share. It could be discomfort, inconvenience, privacy, insecurity, trust or just a don’t care attitude perhaps not really seeing the need or understanding the depravity.

My story is a bit different, although I have several women who have done and still mentor me, I was primarily the one who reached out first and made my desires or needs known. I always wanted to grow and develop into something more than what was presented before me.

I grew up without the male image IN the household, so all I saw was my grandfather or preachers who showed me the man aspect of relationships or life. Although my grandfather spoiled me royally and made me think I was a queen (literally), I cannot even say that was good because he shielded me so from reality; and the others, well, I can’t say those were all “good” role models either.

Back then the women’s primary attention to me was to make made sure I was not “fast” or hot in the pants, but nothing about the other stuff. I was basically locked up in the house so I would not experience the boys and the bees, as they called it. Yet I did, and of course, college life offered more opportunities for trial and error, on into my adult life.  Subsequently my faith and commitment to God literally SAVED me from the potential destruction of my naïvety and ignorance. It was not my wits, or smarts or the books I devoured but a divine intervention, much like what I eluded to in the previous post.

In my life, I have somewhat crossed a few thresholds myself, enough for me to see the wonderings in teen-aged girls, the ambivalence in the college women, and the fortitude in young adults. Yet mostly all just STUMBLING ALONG… broken-hearted, promiscuous, disillusioned, sad, unclaimed babies, marriages with turnaround divorces and PAIN. All of which bring along other issues of insecurity, anger, bitterness, hatred or even perversion.


Therefore my resolve: WE NEED MORE MOTHERS to stand up and pull some of us in to just Talk…AND let this be a ripple effect throughout each generation, each one of us, reach one and take one to walk along side….

I am starting, and I will be returning a few phone calls shortly, but more importantly, I will take my own advice and reach out beyond my comfort zone… I know God will meet me in the quest.

Will you join this journey with me to mother or mentor another?


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