The Babies Can’t See, And Neither Can We!

Two of my students need glasses.

A week ago one parent sent in a note stating there was no money for the child and the child would have to wear the broken glasses until money came in.

The other student got away without wearing glasses until I rearranged the seating assignments,  and then the student revealed the need to sit up front because the parents could not afford to buy glasses. Now I understood why the mother was so adamant about where her child sat, but too embarrassed to reveal the need for assistance.

I watched both students today. Each working diligently, unaware of the various aspects of poverty we all live in, not just in monetary values. Occasionally the broken glasses would slide across the face; but the student would gently push them back in place effortlessly and unconsciously. The other student squinched and squinched, finally got up and to get a clipboard to work on the floor until I changed the seat.

Both are really good students, neither of them brought added attention to themselves nor did they  fuss or complain they just adapted and adjusted to their reality. 

I sat desiring to buy both students glasses but understood my account did not include them in my budget and it wasn’t enough wiggle room to add another expense at this present moment. I calculated in my mind, my own glasses and exams which can easily  hit 500 depending on what I choose.

These babies don’t have a choice, they just need to see: nothing fancy, cute, just enough to see the board and write on paper.

I can’t shake it; tonight I sit, thinking about them,  the economy, our government, the delicacies of the lifestyle I live, the car I drive, the oversize house I live in, the closets in the spare rooms full of clothes, shoes, bags some with tags and even in different sizes. Yet not enough wiggle room to buy these little ones necessities, TODAY! not in the future but RIGHT NOW.

UMM…discomfort; SO WHAT IS MY RESPONSIBLITY? or is it MY responsibility?

Do they really belong to me in the cultural sense of the African proverb; “It takes a village to raise a child”

Or is it the government’s public school system responsiblity to help. I wonder as I’ve been so amazed at this same government system that sends permission slips to parents to decide if their child can listen to the president of the country, back to school speech.

Free school, with free choice but not enough substance or see clearly enough to reach out and to take care of the poor and needy. Currently I’m fighting another issue for one of my students  to receive a nebulizer on campus because the child can’t go home every time Asthma kicks in. The system has one, the child really needs it,  but the system is taking us through hoops and loops to prove they actually qualify to supply one for the child.

gkjgajkjagoyepyrojkgj;ajkgljljg;pjalupuoiuuu ( just my expressions of frustrations)

Do WE need glasses to see what is really important? Its plain to see something is out of balance here.

I guess if we can get it together and see straight these babies will get what they need and will be able to see their teacher just a few yards away.

I’m in this journey and very uncomfortable with the sights before me!


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