Oh For Grace to…..


It’s a Friday night and I didn’t make plans. I refuse to just sit home so in a few, I’m headed out to catch a movie.  But as I sit I’m pondering life. I remember when I was a little girl the world was big to me, it was full of hope and dreams. Television offered a reality different from my own and people in general intrigued me.

As I grew life took on another view. I experienced some hurts, pain, shocking revelations that put me in a haze. Then I grew some more and people of my childhood began to die off. Death was so foreign to me, so unsettling. I grew a little more and some of my heroes fell from grace and I realized they were humans not deity.

I have yet more growing to do but my approach to living is different and ever changing. I love more deeply, I’m more transparent, I give others room to be human and make mistakes. I live more spontaneous, and I cherish my relationships more gingerly.

I pray fervently, not just for me but for so many others. And I’m slowly adopting as my mantra…. “Oh but for the grace of God, so go I”

Living, not what I planned it at all to be like as I anxiously wanted to leave the childhood stage and be the adult. I’ve slowed my horses down a bit and just taking one day at a time and step after step along life’s journey.

Oh for grace….to TRUST HIM MORE!


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