I know of a lady, someone I know through another person. I know of her struggle in life. She had a lot of challenges and as a result she still suffers a great deal.

I really would love to meet this young lady one day, simply because of the level of intimacy she is exposing to a complete enemy. All of what she says is being deposited into the hands of those who do not know her.

Her intimate challenges are literally being exploited by the hand of one whom she has allowed to become intimately involved with her.

…. INTIMACY: Into-me-you- see……

ONLY THOSE WHO QUALIFY to know me at this level can see into me. What does one mean by qualify?

I am a precious being, my life and my world is just as sacred as a temple or a synagogue. It’s the holiest of holiest OF who I am and am not: once you enter that place my soul, my emotions, my weaknesses, my strengths, my challenges, my fears and the list continues… are uncoverd and magnified. Only those who can handle the complexity of all of who I am can enter those secret chambers.  We should strive to live deeply with trusted species.

I feel badly for this lady, I know more about her than she will ever know, because the one she allowed to get so close betrayed the boundaries of that intimate bond.

I’m understanding more and more…. the bible is our road map all we have to do is follow it’s guide and we will be saved from harm…damage….hurt….scorn… and our soul divided and connected with the wrong ones.

Only you…who think on a deeper level will be able to interpret the hidden message…It’s layers upon layers of lessons within these paragraphs of intimacy…

For you see, it’s the level of intimacy with God that can and will only unravel the meshing together and entanglement of collided souls…and if one can see clearly and understand the boundaries and standards….one day you will see  into me and only then will you see very clearly why there’s a qualification to go beyond the outer quarters into the sacred spaces.



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