Celebration Month

Psalms 28:7 (KJV)
7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

 It’s February and it’s the best month of the year, at least for me. I like to see it this way. 

We celebrate my ethnicity and most of us rejoice in the freedom and liberty of the present. Today (overtly) is different from the day my ancestors lived in.

However, My birthday is the 22nd of this month, and I think its a bit of an analogy to the historical view of my past in all aspects of my history. None the less,  I like to celebrate ALL MONTH… because I love the freedom God has given me in my life.

I am blessed… totally blessed this is not to boast I just praise God for His faithfulness in my life!

I like to celebrate ANYTHING and my friends have caught on and are sooo good to me.  This month has started off so sweetly…..I keep getting little gifts and notes from various people and places.

Yesterday on my way to  Sunday School one brother had made me a lovely heart with the word GOD engraved. Odd and unique, to top it all off, it was polished in PURPLE, my favorite color.

On the first DAY of this month, On my job, I received a beautiful journal, laced with a glitzy purple cross and covered in butterflies.

Last week I received a little note with I just wanted to say, I LOVE YOU….. this was from a young person who’ve I’ve mentored threw her high school and college years.

Last Tuesday I had a very special dinner that lasted nearly four hours of just great communication and filled with the sweetness of RECONCILIATION…. gift given by God because He kn

What makes it so special the little things???? (DETAILS)

It’s that those who know and love me care enough to remember I collect butterflies, journals, they remember I  love the color purple and am easily pleased with odd little things.

I choose to celebrate….. because for years I was so bruised by the non cha lant attitudes of those around me in my childhood….. that I couldn’t even muster enough courage to speak out that my birthday was arriving.  However, it seems that in my adult years, God is restoring the many childhood years  that were lost or looked over; when all I would ever receive was a Happy Birthday Pencil from my classroom teacher(s).

I remember the years of waking up, bright eyed with glee in my voice….announcing to those in my house  “today is my birthday”  the most I received was a “happy birthday” in a monotone or a partial yawn.

I would look to each year in anticipation, hoping a cake would be waiting for me when I came  home from school or while at school perhaps someone would drop off cupcakes or ice-cream. Even a gift, a note, a dinner, a trip. Something or at least partly of what I heard my friends say they received on their birthdays.

With each passing year, the anticipation dissipated and the excitement waxed cold. I lost my hope and my voice to celebrate.

I was torn, Happy to celebrate my special day, but I also hated to see this month come because it reminded me so much of me not being special to anyone at all and thus the little girl in me grew up into a lonely wounded woman.

Added to the other areas of being so ‘Love’ starved. Craving someone to let me know I mattered to them and that they cared.

It’s amazing how God turns your ashes into beauty. Over the years of my salvation and redemption: God brought much healing, surrounded me with support systems from church families, god-parents, friends of both genders.

God awaken in me my worth and value and named me as His beautiful daughter. Oh how precious is the sweetness in knowing God loves and cares and you are important and matter to Him if you don’t matter to anyone else.

In finding my love relationship, I began to celebrate others and in doing so, I became more fulfilled.

I like making the next person smile and seeing them feel special because of who they are. It means so much more… when it’s a heart giving not a casual convenience to keep peace or maintenance.

So when I say my Celebration Month, I mean just that. I celebrate others and in turn it’s like a boomerang affect…. it comes back to me in little ways that keep my heart smiling and erasing all the gray days of my past.

I’ve learned to walk my life in the truth of my story and allow those days to  bring to be by-gones and embrace the newness of the present and celebrate the recompense of God actively restoring all of me.

My challenge to you…is to CELEBRATE the little, the big, the large, the small and experience the oil of joy!!!!


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