Thanks to all of you for  the many birthday wishes, text, calls, gifts and personal time spent on my special day. I am still overwhelmed with the amount of love shown to me yesterday.  With over 300 birthday wishes in some form or another I am astonished and  grateful to the magnitude of life God has given to me.  I was totally exhausted from a weekend filled with celebrations in many forms, and emotional rides with the simplicity of kindness…. I could do nothing but crash last night. (got a lashing from my baby brother today because I didn’t have/answer my phone on my birthday)  although I’m utterly tired right now I HAD TO SIT LONG ENOUGH TO PERSONALLY ADDRESS EACH OF YOU IN THIS NOTE OF THANKS.

YOUR kindness unpacked the meaning for me of a popular quote:

SIMPLY: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!   Each person  made an attempt to greet me in some for on MY DAY.  I Reflected quite a bit TODAY:

Upon driving home last evening after leaving a wonderful dinner celebration I clicked to check my phone and could not count all the beeps (overloaded). That morning I woke up with gifts at my bedroom door. I found cards sent thru the mail or sent by others who wouldn’t see me on my day.  Old students came bringing me home made gifts and store bought cards, sweets;  single cupcakes, snickers, tea and tulips. I was treated to hands/feet paraffin treatment, dinner over the weekend a few times, offers for shopping trip, make-up shopping.  Those who called me at wee hours, early morn, set times in the day, or even remembered to make a call at all. The person waiting in my drive way when I got in last night; with a special bottle of “grape juice”. The gifts I received noting my liking of the color purple, collection of white horses, journals, certain type of books, boot legged jeans, perfumes, etc…. The person who started the month off with a gift, and even the calls and  promises of gifts or just letters in the mail. Not to mention a  few who say they are waiting till the last day of February, because everyone knows I celebrate ALL MONTh. I still have cards to open, and bags lined on my floor and in kitchen nook. These are all the sweet expressions of little thoughts of me.  God has been/is good and I am most thankful.

 I thought quite a bit today: Why do any of us do what we do? Because of a reason beneath the surface of actions. Things just don’t all of sudden take place unless it’s been premeditated either good or bad due to previous circumstances. Sure even with all of that noted, I still had expectations from some others that…… well perhaps I slipped their mind, or our relationship has shifted, or it was a basic oversight or even deliberately. I don’t know none the less,  I am still most grateful because in all things we are called to give thanks. Moreover an even personal an intimate lesson or observation of myself; was shown to me yesterday as  I pondered even further today.

 I read about Rev. Charles Tindley yesterday morning;  one of his main goals daily was to learn something new before the next day came.  Such a befitting devotional nugget in light of starting my day and then ending my day with a new lesson and challenge I plan to put into full application.

Ironically this past January I stated in a FB posting, “we need to honor each other, and celebrate others” A few of my friends responded and thus I put a pin in that thread of dialogue. So I began to do just that and so far I think I’ve done well. Actually it’s been a bit fun, just looking at ways to bless others and make them smile. I experienced this type of blessing on  2/22 and I guess I’d just started…. Intentionally.

Quite often I see the hurt in the eyes of little ones, and big ones too when someone simply overlooks them or not show an ounce of concern, care  appreciation or just undivided attention. It bothers me although I try to play tough but I hurt for others.  It’s as if you want to rise up and say something, but really who TAKES THE TIME for others anymore with no strings attached. We all get to have a day we can claim as our own, and  I think it should be MADE SPECIAL just for that person.

I also feel we should take the time and make the time to show another how we care in a/the love language they speak and understand. Gary Smalley’s Book, The Five Love Languages  speaks directly to  this point.  What works for one does not work for the other and although I give out of my love language may not convey yours thus it’s not properly received and both end up in a quandary of dismay.

 I’m fueled and excited to bless others this year. It just didn’t start because of yesterday God confirmed it in me ON yesterday. I already have gifts to send to my nephews, niece, baby, god baby, mentor, aunt, friends, mom etc… just stocking and stacking. However, I do need a favor:  to the people in my life I really need you to help me out if you don’t mind. So I can be diligent in my quest to make you feel special. Please send me your birth date (again) and what YOU really like or your love language, and please by all means BE SPECIFIC  (within reason)  because you know if it was up to me everyone would get a letter, book/bible and a journal. Include the address too.  Help me to celebrate you along the way as we journey through life together.  Now, if you’re saying, “ you should already know…well perhaps but when one  KNOWS BETTER, one DOES BETTER. Therefore…..don’t take me through changes…  it’s now on you.

Well it’s past due time for me to retire for the night enough said; In short I believe with the pressures of life we are living in these days we need all the love and kindness we can get and it wouldn’t hurt to spread more smiles around.

Thank you once again!


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