My mind is racing, mostly with the events of this past weekend. What a powerful conference, BMW (Being Made Whole). I guess I really didn’t realize the amount of people who would come and relate on such  level ground WITH so many connectors despite diverse foundations.

So much pain in the world, and so often I felt my own pain was isolated to just the nature of my life and no one ever knew or could relate to the depth or massive effects.

Yet I discovered and have continuously come across others with similarities of the various levels of emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, dysfunctionality, disappointment, rejections, disillusionments, shattered dreams, hopes, desires and even failing health; amounting to one simple word, PAIN.   Such a revelation to the the same commonality of life’s experiences with it’s twist and turns of particular circumstances. NO ONE IS EXEMPT, yet we all try to find ways to escape, cover up, mask, cope or even heal.

This weekend at the conference, tapped into my purpose in a deeper yet more objective approach. I do not want to connect individuals to me, per say, but to the HOLY DIVINE who can truly bring about wholeness and healing to any level of pain or to any type circumstance.

God can and will and is more than able to help and redirect the course of our lives to bring anyone to a better and more peaceful, productive, pleasant end. It’s quite possible and God is very much able.

Sadly there are some I have come to know who are ADDICTED to their pain and the grief;  the constant attention one may receive, the care giving of others and the comfort zones of living in an unhealthy space.

Still I find there are others who simply want out and desire such a change they fight for it, they do the hard work of facing their fears, restructuring their lives, setting new boundaries, eliminating toxins be it people, habits, or situations. They strive and push hard to go the extra mile(s) to obtain FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.

I submit today; it’s worth the fight to go beyond your present reality and dive into a new possibility. Reach your goals in life, develop deeper more intimate relationships, find love for and within yourself, reach out to another. Become transparent and humble. Don’t stay where you are and fade into the shadows of despair. Rise up out of the living corpse syndrome, and embrace the newness of God’s expected end. 

Will it be easy? I sincerely doubt that; But will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY worth it.  I TALK not just to you, but to me as well. I have a few boundaries to set and a few new valleys to climb out of, and just a little adjusting of training others how to treat me that work well with my level of  wholeness. None the less, I’m on the journey in here, with you because all we ever want to do and be is WHOLE like the bible tells us so.


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