The FAST: May not be a popular one but…..

You know I believe in fasting and prayer. I live this way. I noticed it has become increasingly popular to fast in particular seasons. Then to publicize the fast. When clearly fasting is a private discipline. I love the teaching Jentzen Franklin does. However I’m not sure why more churches don’t do this year round. Anyhow my thinking this morning.

To those (world) who don’t fast… We (Christians) can confuse them with all the christianese, hungry woes, do’s and CAN’Ts during the fasting season.

Why not come back and communicate the benefits, results etc…AND use it as a time of witnessing or discipling????

Why gorge on vegetable delights when it’s a time of DENIAL???

Why publicize as if it’s the latest fashion????!!!

Okay…. I’m off my soap box. Just keeping it real because THE WORLD IS LOOKING at OUR LIFE YEAR ROUND and getting confused with the specialties of Christian disciplines highlighted. (fasting, first fruit offerings, covenants etc..)

I see children of OTHER FAITHS exercise MORE discipline and devotion during their Holy Days and continued lifestyles all year long than I see in some ……. No judgement just trying to make this thing plain.

DISCLAIMER: I practice fasting weekly as a LIFESTYLE not an event. I Observe seasons of fasting…. No one knows my days/ times/recipe/ or menu. It’s a private thing. I learned that from what and how the bible said to do it. When in a group we set the guidelines and still keep it personal and intimate with God.

BTW: If ANYONE has more insight to share to enlighten me then I’m open and welcome your wisdom. I’m a learning leader!


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