Candid Conversation with a 9 yr old

So I’m growing older and personally I think I’m holding up pretty well, but these kids gave me a WAKE UP CALL!


9 Yr Old:
Please tell me, Ms. Johnson, how old are you? What age will you turn on your birthday tomorrow?

H hhhhmmnn I can’t tell ya…

9 Yr Old:
Ah, come on (sweet, whining voice) please… How old????

Okay, I’m 21.

9 Yr Old:
(sharp, quick, stern voice)
YOU AIN’T no 21 years old….look at ALL THAT GRAY HAIR UP THERE in your head!!!!!!!

Another 9 Yr Old pipes in:
Ahhhhhh, look closely at her face, she’s about aaaaahhhhh 52 or 60 something years old, but for sure not 21.

Speechless…… And thinking
(in my head) THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN…..
Time for a new look ALTOGETHER!


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