Childhood / Hometown / College Friends

Nothing deep about this post.. Just observation and ramblings… Here goes.

We remember our childhood friends HOW we excited them before we all grew up. Now 20 plus years later you can remember classroom chats, school programs, how they made you feel on the playground (if they chose you or not) 🙂

HOMETOWN buddies: you think of activities and locations where you did this or that. And automatically have flashbacks of major events in the community at certain times when you were growing up.

College is about the same but you seem to develop your adult persona and alliances or foes that hold heavy impressions because it’s closer to the you, THE YOU, you were becoming and would carry ob into adulthood.

However no matter what LIFE altering events happen… IN EACH OF US there is still a personality “fingerprint” which years, miles, joys nor sorrows can erase. On the other hand, how wonderful it is to see the variations and expansion of who we are today opposed to our yesterday’s.

With social media, connecting is made easy, we REMEMBER and are afforded NEW opportunities to get to know the other again within the grandeur space of cyber world!

Musing a bit…… I would love some moments, face time, TOGETHER to just spend a day with some of my………
friends and meet them once again, with our NEW identities but in the SAME skin.


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