Living in Lies

I preach to my students honesty at ALL COST…. Talk a whole mini-lesson on truth, trust etc… By midyear, most of them have a good handle on truth-telling with me, although they know a lighter consequence may follow when they tell the truth.

Today a student showed me a parent note. Nervously while handing me the note, out came the confessions. ” My mama put this on the paper but it’s really not true. I don’t know why she would right this because its not the truth. The truth is…………”

After exposing the complete truth the student went on and strutted in self-achievement and self-respect. I watched the peace and tranquility engulf the child’s frame. Gave me a half-smile. I winked to affirm them.

This student wanted to make sure THEY were making wise choices and letting the truth be known.

Hhhmmm……… be careful how your actions train or corrupt your kids. It’s not just your words but your deeds.

I could go deeper with this but you get the hidden point!

Wonder what lesson this child really learned….


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