Today’s Decision – Tomorrow’s Heartbreak

I saw the look in her eyes… it was far away and distant. Our eyes locked as I sat at the traffic light and he rounded the corner. If I had to guess I believe I saw tears streaming. It was the look, a longing, a deep sadness, she was hurting and it was something awful. My mind couldn’t help but wonder. It’s as if she was pleading for help. Someone, anyone please rescue me. He on the other hand was stoic, his face was gripped with anger and rage. No peace in his countenance, it was sheer determination toward something. Maybe they were rushing and he would be late to work, or maybe he was really anger at her for something unknown to me. However as I thought deeper, his anger was just as deep rooted as her pain. The grimace on his face wrinkled his forehead and those wrinkles had time worn groves in his skin. This grimace was no stranger to him, it was years of pain, anguish, anger and discontent. The light changes and I drove on, still thinking, still pondering. Then my thoughts led me to my own life and the thoughts flooded more personally and publicly as I turned my heart and mind to prayers and unscripted songs to God. I didn’t want to fast forward 20 years or more and have another see those far away stares in my eyes from the present decisions I am making today. Somewhere in me I know  she and I could switch places. Same pain, different name, different scenario of it’s foundation. My heart sank, my strength diminished and I gazed straight ahead into the sun rays. Unaware I’d made it to my destination. It was as if my car just took me there. The same path I’d driven so many years i did it without thinking. Life should not be this hum-drum but a hint of joy and adventure. I hope the lady will break free from her private prison, the man I hope his face will soften with acceptance and a new chance and for me i hope and pray i’m smart enough to do the right things today so I will not end up like them tomorrow. 

The Journey inward continues as I view this world through Gewanda’s Eyes. 


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