Fake Friendship Exposed

Fake Friendships are real but I recently got a chance to see this in action. I must admit the scenario did more damage to the relationship than anything. I’ll outline it as NAME DROPPER and THE PERSON.

What I see is that the people who DROP names are insecure of who the are. They ride on the shirt tail of others to make them feel worthy of themselves. They are still seeking and searching so it makes them FEEL important to SAY they know someone whom they DEEM is important.

The eye opener is the person with the NAME is surrounded by so many name droppers that they are starving, longing desiring just TRUE, AUTHENTIC, GENUINE relationships and associations.

The Reality is The NAME DROPPER will loose the open opportunity to have genuine, close, bonded connection with the person and not just SHALLOW, intermittent, rare occurrences.

A even sadder truth…. The person will distant themselves more purposely to become unattached from that association.

I saw it all played out… And THE PERSON with the name has gone on with their life and now the name DROPPER is bewildered.



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