Sweetness with Bitter Bites

In the wedding planning stages…

Thank you in advance for those of you who have made in known of your attendance to our nuptials on Saturday. Looking so forward to seeing you.

Thankful for those of you who shared why you really can’t make it. We understand and appreciate you.

I’m appalled and even hurt by those who are angry you missed the RSVP and refuse to come if cant come to attend reception. This saddens me.

Equally stunned by those who express all sorts of opinions, thoughts based on entitlement request and desires pertaining to how, why, what it should be and who they are or aren’t. This wounded my heart.

After June 15 leaves… I’ll be able to process it all and can fully digest, and take it ALL IN rememberING my friends, RECOGNIZING my foes, accepting the time and relational changes and fully with all humility embrace the bitter-sweetness of this momentous event in my journey.

For now… I’m off to some last minute things. Enjoying these days, Excited for those that are starting to trickle in and playing real hard as a single woman.

Enjoying true FREEDOM from within to live in the truth of this PRESENT REALITY!


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