The “N” Word

I applaud Paula Deen for her ATTEMPT to apologize. I also applaud the network for making a bold statement by releasing her. I disagree with the publicity because she is who she is and GOT EXPOSED. Unfortunately this is the sentiments of many around us in EVERY RACE against OTHER races.
How many of everyone have PRIVATE conversations around the dinner table and then live as though we are ALL INCLUSIVE until it hits the core of our being and THE REAL person is revealed, especially under pressure.

Well…. The difference is we BLACK FOLK come from royalty but we’ve been oppressed, brainwashed, manipulated, and conditioned to think inferior and as victims. All she did was speak from her own conditioning as being SUPERIOR and above the black race.

Was she wrong??? REALLY???? Or was she authentic in being who she really is???

Was it irresponsible as a public figure who’s supported by her INFERIOR subjects? I think so…. And the consequences are now upon her.

Should these words have been kept at her own dinner table??? Probably so but that’s the results of the scripture that says…. PRIDE comes before a fall….

None the less, I can respect a person MORE who boldly declares their stance More so than one who PRETENDS to be someone they are NOT!

Well for me…. I think my next visit will be at the Neely’s instead of Lady and Sons.

The View through my eyes!


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