Arizona Tea and Skittles

Arizona Tea and Skittles……

When I put these two together I only think of a normal teenage diet of extra added SUGAR with no fruits and veggies. Unfortunately these two items will be forever etched in my mind since the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenage boy.

Through Gewanda’s eyes I see a life forever lost before it got a good chance to explore life and its myriad experiences.

I sympathize with the patents who lost their son and then lost the importance of his life to a system that saw no wrong of a guy refusing to obey orders of stay in your car.

I think of the shock of this teenager being approached by a complete stranger with seemingly accusations of rage of him just walking on a sidewalk.

I wonder what it must have been like the first few minutes between the teenager and his murderer. Did he sense his life was in danger and would cease to exist only 20-30 minutes later? Or did he just keep walking shaking his head trying to understand why such force this must be a joke, “I’m not doing anything but kicking with my girl on the phone heading home.” What’s up with this guy?” Can’t you just envision his disbelief?

Skittles and tea couldn’t possible kill me, it’s not a normal or even common thought any healthy person would have, Right?? Why not, because death is not associated with this combination until you add stereotypes and unbridled assumptions of authority and superiority complexes.

Now….. that doesn’t mix but when it did you get what this teenager got. A fatal gun shot that ended his life and eliminated his future.

First it leaves me shaking my head for a full year trying to wrap my mind around the realty of what and how could this happen? Now I’m totally thrown into a quandary of how and why did the murderer escape with not even a reprimand but practically VINDICATED for killing this unarmed teenager? He was only walking home eating skittles drinking tea?!!!!

I figure this one will take me the REST OF MY LIFE to understand because right now I just don’t see it. I do eat skittles and drink Arizona tea… But I presume from this incident forward every time I eat or drink one or the other, I will always think of the teenager, the murderer, the parents, the jury, the reactions or the sadness of streotypical bias and racial or cultural prejudices of our current realty and society.

Perhaps you see it differently but This is all through MY eyes and I’m still rubbing my eyes shaking my head.


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