Renaissance of Self

Never a copycat only an original!

I began to live more authentically when I changed my focus and turned away from others and directed it toward me.

Quite honestly, I thought I HAD to do this or that. Fit into one group or another to be considered successful or “IN THE KNOW” Hogwash, not necessarily so. Who determines that anyway?

What I did discover is those places and people were searching still and spinning their wheels looking at others, or climbing their own ladder of success or even copying from others to present a pseudo self to the public. Hhhmmmm an eye opener.

The pressure was too much for me and those I respected from afar I lost it when I saw their own lack of individuality.

I MADE MY OWN DECISION sometime around this time one year ago. Since then I’ve began to look more deeply into ME and all of who God has called me to be, where I fit, with who and how?

The circles opened that were suppose to open for me, new friends emerged and old associates waned.

I spent a lot of time evaluating. Crying some days, sad even more. Trying to navigate through it all. Then the break of dawn began to shine and the birthing of the authentic me came bursting out…….
I stepped up and that insecure SELF stepped down.

No COPYCAT but a CATALYST for my true self…..

Daily the journey continues to evolve….. It’s my own journey, my own quest for just being ME!!! and loving every minute of it and becoming the Best I can Be!!

Seeing clearer……
Through Gewanda’s Eyes



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