My Special Man

He greets me upon arrival…

He sits at my feet….

He’s extremely protective….

Would lick my cheek if I let him….

He cries when I walk out the door….

He whines when I close any inside door…

He sleeps on my side of the bed…

Wouldn’t hesitate to have my pillow beneath his head….

This man of mine makes me smile inside…..

He knows somehow if I’m just putting the best on the outside…..

It’s a battle under my roof for the attention of the only estrogen…..

Both of the male hormones feel they own this home….

One pays the bills the other just sucks up the air…..

It’s comical to see them stare down the other…. secretly wishing “he” shouldn’t be there…..

Unconditional love this little man of mine gives…..

Isn’t he such a cute one???

At least Gewanda’s Eyes thinks he is!!!



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