Listen to your Feet

Your heart, your muscles, your doctor. just start listening when the body is talking.

We must TAKE care of the body so the body can take care of us!

I’ve recently started listening to these squeaky knees, headaches, back pains etc…

Been also paying attention to my love levels. The love of sweets, pizza and creamy ice cream. Late night snacks and no trips at all around the track.

Watching a person deal with health issues is a big wake up call for those of us who are only getting the caution lights or warning signs.

Better listen when the body begins to break down. Listen good because you can’t replace limbs or reverse permanent effects.

Sure God is a healer, but the true healing comes in our daily mindset, attitude, discipline and decisions.

When the body talks… Listen and obey its signals before it turns into decay.
With that said….
5 small meals a day
Held thy snacks in between
Lemon water all day long
Exercise at least 3x a week

Think I can reverse these symptoms trying to creep up on and in me.
And prepare for a much more vibrant, healthy, fulfilling future healthy lifestyle!

Taking care of Gewanda’s body and Gewanda’s EYES!!!



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