Time to give back??? Time to stop taking? I heard that there were only two types of people. The Givers and The Takers. You’ll know which category you fall in by what you do?

If your hand is always out for me, mine, ours, etc then you’re a taker.

In contrast if your time, talent, attention, resources are always focused on others then you fall into the Giver category.

Is sad to see others so immersed into self grandiosity and leave others out to fend for themselves. I’ve seen it on every level in every group association and it grieves my heart.

On the other hand I’ve seen others go to extremes of self sacrifices that it breaks their heart, depletes their bank accounts and destroys their health.

What am suggesting here is a BALANCE where it’s a win-win productive situation.

My life is for others. My responsibility is to take care myself while simultaneously giving of myself to others. I’m really transition these days and I think I’ve embarked on the GREATEST CHALLENGE IN MY LIFE…

The new opportunity to offer Hope and Healing to those who need it the most.,

Yes I am ready to move into the future and bless more as I give myself away so God can use me.

Through Gewanda’s Eyes…



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