SITTING STILL…. reflecting on today’s events. Many things are running through my mind…. God is speaking clearly. I was blessed today by two women of God who allowed God to flow through them to speak to the people. (God is already stirring in me…..a teaching series on The Manifestations of Change….. I’m sitting with this a minute to allow it to marinate and allow the fullness to come forth… but I feel the weight of the real transitioning that is able to catapult one’s life and bring newness into dry dead places.

None the less on the front end…….Particularly directed to Women, since today was a Women’s Day Program. You know, we can have all the outside influences in the world, such was the case with the words spoken today………but until we make up our OWN mind to put the resources INTO ACTION we will stay in the same place and continue down the same path.

We only get ONE SHOT at life on this earth and we have to make the best of it or get it right or get left behind. As Myles Monroe says, so many lives go to the grave full instead of empty. For some reason, that has been with me for the past week or so and it’s true. I’ve listened to so many sad sagas until all I do is SMH….
However, it Really IS time to get in the game or get left out and do the work to CHANGE one’s life.

I enjoyed the messages….. and I got a few take away lessons myself…

I challenge each one of us regardless where we are on the journey to…..

Take a Reality check!
Reevaluation is “in order” NOW….DON’T WAIT….. START NOW.
REVISE SOME THINGS and get ready for
the Repositioning….

God is with US!
Off to do my own work…. 

Seeing things clearer Through Gewanda’s Eyes!!!!


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