Time alone is essential.  Image

Time alone with God is an absolute necessary vital part of my existence. The more I have the more I realize I need to be swept into a cloud surrounded by only the Holy Divine’s presence. NOTHING on this earth beats those quiet  moments when it’s just us together. Such a peace washes over my soul and everything else around me disappears. Upon exiting I so desperately long for the next time we can come back together again, ALONE. 

I share my inner self, all parts of me. The good, bad, fears, hopes, dreams, confusion and I even tell on people who may not know just how to treat me. It’s somewhat like a little kid running to a caregiver and just pouring it all out. Through silence I find a sense of comfort. Through the Holy Scriptures I find answers to the cares and concerns of my heart. Through promptings and convictions I know the next steps. 


Yesterday my husband conveyed a young lady was asking for me, he stated in a joking manner. You seem to have this magnetic pull, I mean people just gravitate to you, strangers, children, the elderly, homeless, professionals etc… It’s everywhere we go; what is it? I’ve heard this quite often by close friends who know and hang with me but this morning I think I found out the answer. It’s really NOT ME AT ALL, it’s the residue of someone greater than me; God. It’s the permeating presence I so desperately seek that once I’m there it’s the afterglow of God’s love, power and anointing. Trust me, I’m not all of that and I’m more private and reclusive than most, ME WITHOUT GOD IS A WALKING DISASTER, literally a nightmare all day long. 

But when we seek TIME ALONE, and TIME WITH GOD ALONE the Spirit of the Lord fills the world and that is what holds everything else together. God knows every word said, every aching heart, every longing, every ill doing. No one or nothing goes undetected nor will avenging Justice pass. God’s wisdom will prevail and God’s power will be revealed. 

These moments are priceless…..

Oh how I wished I had just another hour ALONE this morning…. NOW it’s time to enter the land with all others…… but you better believe I’ll bring it all back to God the next time we are ALONE; everything I witnessed, experienced and saw



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