Quality or Quantity ???


This morning,  my husband and I did our couple’s devotion. 

It was a tight moment, not as long as we have studied together before. His schedule and mine didn’t connect with the precision of having more quantity and a whole lot of discussion. 

After our scripture selection together, a brief discussion he went on about his day and I sat still looking at my pad. I thought, “I got a lot out of  that” and it was short, to the point.  We both have some take away lessons to apply at a later time. 

My encouragement to you this morning from my MOST RECENT REVELATION is its the quality of things not necessarily the quantity of things. 

Do it well! 

Make it Count!

Be thorough even if things are limited!

Just do it!

If you have to come back to it,  then pick up and add more later…… But give it your best shot in the NOW MOMENT.

Okay… time to go and finish my day as I see things THROUGH GEWANDA’S EYES…..



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