Get Out of the Bed

I’ve always had a hard time seeking God early in the morning. It’s just something about turning over and getting out to the bed going to my designated spot. It’s not the seeking it’s the initial getting OUT OF THE BED. It’s not even about praying or studying scripture; it’s GETTING OUT OF THE BED. Technology has made it easier than before I can sit up and pull my lab desk into the bed and get to work these days in the comfort of the sheets and my bed pillow. AAAAAhhhhh such delight, especially accompanied by a cup of coffee if I could ever teach my husband how to work the machine just right. 


This morning I turned over, reached for my iPhone but the Holy Spirit prompted me to GET UP and GO TO MY SOLITARY PLACE. You see I’ve designated the sun room in our abode as my Sanctuary. I believe every believer should have a sanitary where they go to be alone with Jesus. Through the years and various living arrangements it has been my closet, the 2nd dining area, a little corner in the side of my room and even a little area between the wall in tub when I had a small apartment.

This morning, I miss God I miss our private moments not disturbed by ANYTHING OR ANYONE. I missed the way the presence of the Almighty made Godself known as I read, worshipped, sat in silence or just meditated. It’s not in the seeking I told you rather it’s in the discipline of intentional living. There will always be an enemy to fight. You better believe there is an enemy to fight when we talk about growing in God and developing ourselves to be more Christlike by consistent stewardship over our spiritual growth. 

Sleep, sheets, pillows have fought me all of my Chrisitian walk. They have been consistent and have WON the battle more times than I’m afraid to admit. I’ve even found ways to try to side with them and compromise but no. I believe we are in a time where compromise is NOT an option. If we are going to grow spiritually we will have to face the enemies of our soul. We are going to have to face them head on and do some things differently. We are going to have to KILL the enemies within us that connect with the enemies outside of us so we can move forward into the plans God has for us. 

I’m so happy I won this morning. I feel better even now. The rain is pouring outside the window pane, I let it up to feel the outside breeze. The room is cozy, I have a freshly brewed cup of coffee with Hazelnut cream. I’m sitting on the daybed with one of my blankets and comforted by mounds of pillows with my bible, my journal and most of all GOD MEET ME HERE. 

JESUS WENT TO A DESERTED PLACE EARLY TO SEEK THE LORD….. JOHN WESLEY WALKED 5:00 AM EVERY MORNING TO SEEK THE LORD….. surely I could get out my bed, walk a few yards in a house to SEEK THE LORD…..

It’s just how I see it Through Gewanda’s Eyes.



One thought on “Get Out of the Bed

  1. Many years ago, I had the wanting to stay in bed and spend time with God syndrome. However, I realized it was a trick by the enemy that overtime had me justifying not doing it ‘today’, or falling to sleep, or thinking I can do this on the way to whatever. Today, no matter what is going on in the world there is nothing more important than my time with God. When I stopped merely saying this and really meant it; I grew. Now I cant wait to get out of bed.


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