20131215-174702.jpgBREAKING NEWS…….. IT’S OFFICAL!!!!!!!! TODAY!!! RIGHT NOW……. has got to be one of the single most exciting days of my ENTIRE life. After 12 years of writing, nearly 4 years of editing 27-34 rejection letters, 4 maybe(S) but try again. Walking away and turning down TWO major Christian Publishers because of their stipulations; Receiving scores of critiques, frustration and even wanting to throw in the towel with sooooo many tears along the way……..  I am an Official Author. Signed. Sealed. Soon to be Delivered.

While sitting in the hotel room with
my husband during his Annual Conference. On October 31st at 4:21 pm I
signed my OFFICIAL book contract with a TRADITIONAL notable
publisher. November 2, 2013 …. I received my final confirmation AND
we have begun the work of moving down the BOOK LAUNCH LANE.
Today I decided to share this great news
because in less than two weeks of being OFFICIALLY named as a new author I received queries to write an article for Ebony and a few other
magazines.  Looks the start of a new beginning…. I will embark on these offers at the appointed time but as I sit and think I want to first say how grateful to God I am.


No one really knows the story behind this book. It’s my
Autobiography and the girl in the story still lives but under the
mighty hand of God’s saving, healing, delivering and redeeming

Many told me along the way to go ahead and  self-publish, do it this way, encouraged me stop waiting and just put it out However, I did wait, I did
the hard work, the years of nothingness, I  listened to my heart and followed what I felt was my path and the plan of God. Even some passed me by in their eyes, stating I should be farther along. You know, it really wasn’t or isn’t about a race to destiny or success with anyone. More so the mandate on my life to do what God has tailored made for me to accomplish with those within my sphere of influence. My times are in HIS hands.

Today I’m told….there’s  so much more to the POTENTIAL of this book,
even still greater things on the horizon. With the right pieces in place it will go far and exceed my expectation…. ….. As
the old folk would say in church “ I feel “MY HELP”….. Well the potential for THE HELP is there and will be ….coming down the road ONCE WE GET THE BALL ROLLING…… (somebody will catch that)

None the less, TODAY I WANT TO  SAY…..

THANK YOU JESUS! I am so humbled,
grateful and excited!!!!

Although this is an exciting time for me….There is much work ahead and responsibility so I’m also asking…. PLEASE PRAY FOR US as we
began the long months ahead of publishing, lawyers, marketing,
branding, and determining it’s launch date.

MY BLOG…. I WILL Be writing more  THEMATIC TOPICS that will
coincide…. For now…. I’ll keep smiling and Praising!!!!!



2 thoughts on “I AM FINALLY……………CAN YOU GUESS???

  1. Yaaaaay….congrats! I remember when I meet you ib 2001 in New Members class. You purchased a Niv bible for me to understand God’s Word as u struggled to read the KJV. IM SOO VERY happy for you. I will be purchasing several cooues to share with others. GOD BLESS


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