I Want to Talk to Santa


This is my little nephew a cute little lad. Daily he’s been crying and begging his mother  to CALL SANTA so he could talk to him. The innocence and the purity of the season is seen in his heart’s desire. This season we celebrate in many ways, but for his mind it’s all about the man in the red suit, that says “ho, ho, ho”.  Quite comical to us because WE KNOW THE REAL DEAL, but to a child, Santa is the REAL DEAL. During Christmas Santa comes with all the joys and toys his sled can hold.

Well I take a different approach, Christmas to me is about the Gift of the Christ Child to all human kind. God gave His only son so we could have the opportunity to live for eternity  among the heavenly host. I celebrate from a different perspective,  now known Jesus I  know LOVE! I experience PEACE!  I relish in the JOY of the many gifts the Christ child gives me DAILY.

Although we know one day this sweet little baby will grow up in his understanding of Christmas, my husband wanted to put the joy back into his little heart.   In hopes this would stop my nephew from whining and crying, give his mother a break and help him to be nice instead of so naughty. My husband decided he would be the Santa on the other end of the call to the North Pole. He wanted to bring comfort to his heart.

Listening to their conversation was the cutest thing. It warmed my heart to hear the glee in his voice when my husband said, “This is Santa and have you been a good boy?” The conversation continued with my nephew giving accounts of his day and also his Christmas request. Before they hung up, he said, ” I love you Santa”.  It was at that point that my heart melted. My correlation was, it’s just like God to bring good cheer and joy into our hearts in whatever form we need God to comfort us . We can always end our prayers, thoughts, request or just talks with I LOVE YOU JESUS, THANK YOU GOD for Sending us your Son to us. This season reminds me of the sacrificial giving God I serve and the way God loves me. God is more than a red suited guy, but God is the Prince of Peace,  The Everlasting Father a Wonderful Counselor  and THE MIGHTY GOD!!!!

I  think my husband’s HEART was also warmed by him portraying Santa, because now we are in full shopping mode looking for the my nephew’s red car request.

Of Course, Santa can’t let this little one down after speaking with him.

This is the Look After he spoke with  Santa!!! That smile tells it all.



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