This morning I woke up with
purpose on my mind. It was all in my dream. Successful people are
successful because they are successful. Interesting concept if you
go deeper to the meaning. We all measure success in different ways,
and I’ve come to know success begets success.

what do I mean by this. Well, if you trace your patterns you will
find your solutions and your solutions will show you your steps to
successes or failures. Once you see your success all you have to do
is tweak what works, make a few adjustments to be relevant to
current times and then…. Success will come

In my life, ministry, vocation,
relationships etc… I’m finding more and more success is measured by
how many lives we POSITIVELY touch and influence. Money, power,
prestige and positions will come to a halt at some place in life.
However touching lives and making a positive impact will have
lasting effects. Even life changing or life saving

Once upon a time I knew I was going to
be a household name, in my opinion, my voice would take me to that
stage, I’d win a Grammy and give a live altar call. Huh? It’s not
to say that still can’t happen,  for you see as long as I’m
living and producing it can be. However, in my child like faith
this would be the barometer of the level of success I’d
accomplished. That hasn’t happened yet, but over the course of my
time many people have come to share with me how my voice lifted
them from despair, pain, and even fatigued. I was just singing
using my God given talent without those results being my intended
goal. But I was successful because it touched who needed to hear it
at the time.

Additionally, we may never know who
we touch along the way and just because we aren’t on some stage or
in the spotlight doesn’t mean we aren’t successful. Tonight I
signed on to my blog and noticed I’d received 87 messages. Wow!
many of them with very private and personal stories and request.
This week I also received a text for me to continue to be a Life
Coach. Today, two people asked if I would connect with them on some
personal issues just because one was reading my blog and the other
had watched my life, the growth, change and recovery over the span
of 15 years. A senior pastor said he wanted to keep me on the radar
because he say the love and transformation of God’s work in me. I’m

So now, what does that mean to me.
Success or not? Honesty, I write very authentically and
transparently because this blog is apart of my calling and not just
my talent. I don’t share from a platform to receive the prestige or
power or even the pennies rather from a heart of service to help
others who may be in the journey of life with challenges. These 87
messages spelled for me both answers and requests. Answers to if
I’m making a difference in the lives of others and request for more
of what I’m actually doing right.

As I read each
message I saw the same pain, I’ve been delivered from in a few
areas. I resonated with the shame of the abuse that some are still
experiencing. I understood the silent tears hidden behind the big
broad smiles and I also knew the cry for a SAFE PLACE TO SHARE
found in a private comment section.

Can I really
measure this as Success? Well, no because I’m just on the
quest to be present and responsible for where I am and what I do in
service to the world. Are these representations of results? Well
that depends on the measuring stick. Accomplishments? Not really
either, because the timing will come again and where I miss in one
area I’ll hit the target in another area.

To my
87 message people EACH WITH VARIOUS DIFFERENCES……I want you to know
I appreciate you. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for sharing
yourself. Thank you for trusting me with your story. I hear you.
I’m with you. I understand some of where you are. I feel what you
articulate. You are not alone I’ve walked this same road in many
areas. Keep saying good morning you’ll find a brighter

To me, you are the SUCCESS because I
see you Through Gewanda’s Eyes.


2 thoughts on “87 MESSAGES

  1. You asked, can you measure this as success. I would say yes. Even if it was one reply or no replies. Success does not measure what you have done but what you are doing. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea, and true success is realizing the we never reach the worthy idea because God keeps moving the finish line.


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