A few years back I started celebrating my birthday ALL MONTH long. I’ve gotten different responses o this concept. Some thought it was a cool idea and others thought I was self-absorbed and stuck on myself. I had my reasons which ARE legitimate TO ME. However, when I heard snide comments it hurt a little but I decided to keep MY LIFE moving. The struggle/question within was, should I do what others expect me to do or do I move on being who I want to be and do what I chose?

Freedom came when I began to release and let others run their mouth while I ran my business. That little lesson has held me together on many decisions I’ve made over the course of my own FREEDOM WALK. Just last week I posted a note on my personal Facebook page and had a person literally tell me how I grew up and what I ate and didn’t eat. My first thought was to delete them being so rude on MY PAGE. Rather, I ignored them because I thought how petty would it be to address someone who THINKS they know me but have no clue on who I really am. Example of freedom.

Also last month I tried an experiment to ask people to share with me my strengths/weaknesses. I was following the directions from a coaching session. To my surprise a few didn’t take the time to even respond. Some did and then I had one who used the opportunity to share their feelings about behaviors that were very real to them but extremely far off from who I really am and how I conduct business. This was a great lesson because in doing so, I learned valuable lessons from others based on their responses. I accepted it at face value, it was solicited feedback I had no rebuttals. Example of freedom.

February 1,2014 is here, the first day of my birthday month and I’ve decided this year I’m calling it FREEDOM WALK. It’s a perfect connection with black history month, (which I love) In conjunction  with the celebration of my new levels of liberty, this is PERFECT. I’m in a significant season in my life and I’ve committed this time to myself. To walk out of a few prisons in my mind, body and spirit that have held me back. It’s all about me and it starting to feel really great!!!

I’m taking THIS FREEDOM WALK DEEPER and leaving behind a few things. 28 days of exploring and traveling on a FREE TO BE ME Journey.

Join me and let’s see what this month brings.


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