Day 4 FREEDOM WALK: Let the Tiger Out

Okay I’m guilty. In fact I’m very guilty. My husband just looked at me and got quiet. He said, ” You let the tiger out with a vengeance, you were roaring loudly”  I didn’t see anything wrong with addressing the situation and not allowing others to take advantage of me/us. I think for so many years living in abuse, neglect, rejection and disrespect I’m not one to easily be walked on. From closing the door to toxic relationships, asking people to delete my number for disrespecting my time and boundaries to excusing myself from social groups that did not line up with my core values. Years of counseling and self-discovery gave me my voice back and because of that I’m tactful but very forthright.


Twice this week (and it’s only Tuesday) I had to address a situation. People say it’s crazy and it may be but at least I’ve made the other aware that I’m aware of their rudeness or in consideration. Sunday we pulled in to a drive way to get a salad, an SUV pulled off the main street right in front of us, with half of their vehicle hanging sideways into the other lane. I shook my head at first then I said, this is wrong and I’m not taking it. So I gently tooted my horn, when the person looked, I asked, “Why would you do such a thing?” The guy was a nice one although he knew he was wrong, he backed up and got behind us.

My husband is an amputee and we need handicap parking. We pulled up into our parking space and a couple was there moving things in next door. It would have been okay if they acknowledged the big blue plaker on our dashboard but no, they looked at us, saw me helping him out of the car then turned and walked away. That did it. I politely said, “Excuse me, would you move your vehicle so I can park in my space” The wife rudely responded to her husband (not me) but the gentlemen slammed every door and then moved. I had nothing more to say or do with their reaction to my request. They were already breaking the law and being blatant about it.

Those two scenarios reminds me of so many instances where people just do you any kind of way if you let them. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some bully going around demanding my way. Quite the opposite but there comes a point when you have to stand up for your rights and to be treated with the fair amount of courtesy and decency. I am also very aware that there are mentally unstable people and even very angry people that either or both of these incidents could have turned out differently. Again, it’s the grace of God that protected me.

None the less in this FREEDOM WALK experience I’m even challenging you readers to  consider your journey and ask yourself a few questions.

Do you stand up for yourself or you chalk it up and let people walk all over you?

Do you hold in your true feelings and sleep,eat,work, sex, drug or _______ them away because you just can’t deal with it.

How many of your relationships feed you mentally, emotionally or do they pull you down and make you feel less than.

I could go on with other scenarios but for now. Do like Dr. EJ (my husband) says: ” Let the tiger out” and roar for your rights. YOU ARE WORTH IT AND YOU DESERVE IT. God will protect you in every place you need God to. I’m a witness.

Well that’s all for now, on my FREEDOM WALK.

It’s time to shut down this day and close GEWANDA’S EYES!


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