DAY 5: FREEDOM WALK: Destiny Stealers

I was driving this morning and these were the a few things I thought about that are inward hangups but have outward effects.


I hate being late: I mean I hate it. The problem is as much as I hate being late, I’ve struggled with being timely all my life. I remember as a kid being dropped off to school daily late, having to go in and get a tardy slip. I hated walking in the classroom up to the teacher’s desk with slip in hand, year after year. She/He would look at me with disgust and aggravation. I wanted to say, Well it’s not my fault. It wasn’t then but today it is.

Making it in just the nick of time with a minute or two before or after the expected time is not acceptable anymore. Not to mention walking in minutes late. TODAY IT STOPS: My new freedom, I’m giving myself 30 minutes of time. Simply meaning that if the time is 9:00 then I’m there at 8:30. No excuses. I’m still working through the level of accountability I’ll use to make it happen. But it’s happening and I’m well on my way.


Another area for those who always put things off to another, later time of completion. I’m good but not that good and the best of what I have to offer doesn’t come rushing at the last minute. Today I will have things done a week or two before time so I’ll have more time to review. I think this will be a good habit to grow into.


Emails: Have you ever went to check just one email and found yourself an hour later still sitting sifting through the mound of them and for what purpose?

Conversation: Frivolous conversations, I mean, the kind that steal so much of your time and energy and you walk away with questions like, “What was that all about?”

Social Media: I’m one who lives by one or the other daily. In fact I think it’s a bit addictive. However, when it comes to managing your world around the latest post or the newsfeed or even hanging out in the inbox section. Then some adjustments are in order. In January I tried it a bit to not be on as much and actually it went well until I took the first bite at actively engaging and I was back at it. It’s easy, it’s mobile but it’s also a time waster when there are other priorities.

Well in this great walk I’m on there will be some changes. My destiny is in view and very important. With each new round of growth and success I’m loving the changes and seeing myself stretch.

I’m having fun and getting better in the process!!!!!!
plus I’m enjoying the view THROUGH GEWANDA’S EYES!



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