Another One? Okay, Yes Sir.

Just got word one of the members in my old church went on to his eternal home.

He was a very good guy. A highly intelligent man, retired professor and oratorical specialist of some sort. After one of my sermons, one Sunday he pulled me to the side and said, “I’m going to give you my expertise because I like you and I see your potential. You are an excellent preacher/speaker but I want to make sure you can hang with the best of them. Your 1st lesson, is to get from behind that pulpit, walk the area and COMMAND that platform.” Do it with Confidence because you have something to say we all need to hear.”

From then on, every time I mastered a suggestion he’ll give me another one to work on. Normally with a marked up bulletin he’d put his notes on. I’ve always respected my elders so when he’d put one in my hand and tap me on the shoulder and walk off. I’d just say, “another one? Okay.” Yes Sir.
Later I’d read it and try to apply within my comfort level and growth.

When I announced my engagement he wrote me the sweetest letter, filled with more life lessons.

The last time he heard me preach he shook my hand at the door with tears in his eyes and said, “You got it, now…. He got all choked up as he hugged me and said, “you don’t need me anymore” now go walk the World’s Platform, Do it with CONFIDENCE because You have something to say and EVERYBODY needs to hear it”

Prayers for his family!!!
My heart feels sad but I have a smile remembering his life.



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