Day 10 FREEDOM WALK: Loosen the Grip and Take a Break

I had a deadline before me and I was rushing. Actually I was half-doing it to get done. Then I thought about it a bit more and realized if I do a half-cock job then I shouldn’t do it all.

I remember when I visited Africa, the Apostle who I was visiting would always say in her deep voice. “Only The Best For God” She meant it and I saw this in her presentation of all things.

I was fortunate to have an up close and personal view of her work ethic due to the fact of our relationship and the two months I lived with her.

5 am prayer; daily devotion; dressed and prepared for the day before 9, then she would work ALL DAY LONG sometimes until past 9 or 10 the next night. During the day she revisited many projects until they were on point and on standard and if she couldn’t finished that day she carried it on to the next. But it was NEVER half done.

Tonight I sat editing the devotional I’ve penned and I wanted to just say stop and submit it but I’m almost done. I could do that but it wouldn’t be the best it would be complete but not the BEST FOR GOD. So I decided to close it up and map out some time to complete it later.

FREEDOM is releasing myself from self-imposed gridlock situations. It’s really okay to loosen the grip and take a break.

I’m so glad I did and now I can use the rest of my night to relax and reflect on the things I’m seeing THROUGH GEWANDA’S EYES.




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