It’s On It’s Way!!!!

It’s that moment when you realize you are on the brink to fulfilling some of your goals and dreams.

I’m ready…… so ready……

The CD is coming….. sooner than we think. The engineer has assured us of it’s  soon release.

My new Devotional Book is hot off the press, just waiting on the Galley copy to proof…

The Long Awaited Autobiography is being copyedited this month….. and then we’re moving forward to it’s launch date….

What am I saying.

Wait on the Lord, Be of good courage. in due season you shall reap if you faint not.

God has a plan, to bring you joy, hope and a good future.

Keep working, Keep praying, Keep trusting……………………..GOD

Can you see the twinkle THROUGH GEWANDA’S EYES.


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