For many of you who don’t know my husband had his lower leg amputated!!! Our marriage has been under HEALTH STRESS and various complications since the 2nd day we got married!!!!!!!!!!
I actually spent the first 4-5 months in and out of hospitals. In fact one set us up a honeymoon suite for about 9 weeks. Consequently much of what we had planned did/could not/has not happened. However, He was a trooper: in church on Sundays but hospitals Mon-Sat. I was simply trying to survive and keep my sanity.

Needless to say he’s started his gait training once more to learn how to walk again and TODAY we are sitting in the theater in regular seats FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! He’s cheesing from ear to ear. I’m feeling a tad bit relieved. (Who marries and gets hit with MAJORS on day 2) Whew!!!!!
So this is date night to celebrate his 2nd day training walking!!



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