Today, last week or next week, we will send our babies back to school.

Many will be faced with challenges we hope we’ve prepared them for.

They will be exposed to things considered taboo in our households.

They will sit in front of teachers who MAY or MAY NOT have their best interest in mind.

They will hear things we’ve tried to shield them from.

They will see things we’ve covered our eyes from seeing.

They will experience the unknown and foreign objects, challenges, tastes and smells that could lead them to jail or to the grave.

Sadly our society HAS changed and what used to be one of the safest playground has more times than we care to count;  turned into the most horrific war zones.

So this morning, I stopped to pray as I lay awake at 3am.

Dear God, please protect our babies.

Give them the courage they need to be themselves.

Help them to stand on the principles and teachings we’ve taught.

Show them how think critically and analyze all areas in decision making.

Give them discernment and wisdom in choosing friends.

Cover them with teachers and administrators who care, will protect them and not defile them or break their tender spirits.

Allow them a safe space to grow and develop into all that you’ve created them to be.

Shield them from the bullets, guns, knives, poisons and substances that could take their lives suddenly or slowly in addiction.

Allow each little girl and boy to find a best friend with whom they will experience genuine and true friendship.

Give them hearts of love and compassion to care for all people despite ethnicity, cultures or other enabled abilities.

Daily return them to us, unharmed, scarred, tattered or abused by the the people, the system or the prowler who stalks the bus stop or stands around the corner store.

Lastly, calm the fears and nerves of the parents, grandparents, teachers and caretakers who like me are hopeful and caring, yet a tad bit concerned but fully trusting you.

Help each responsible adult to be intuitive on how to probe conversations, respect boundaries that will foster trust, honest and safe places for sharing intimate truth.

Grant us all wisdom to see the signs of silence, eating habits, aggression or passivity that screams help me.

Make us attentive and bold enough to create moments of authentic relationship building and set rules where technology is not allowed.

Most importantly, let us all not forget you and your role in helping us all.

Let us stop with constant communion with you, and continuously keep you at the center of our lives.

Dear God, we are trusting, leading and depending on you. Some may identity you in other names or forms but everyone who loves the little one has this in their heart. Dear God, please protect our babies!

In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.



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