Clear Away The Clutter

For the past few months my life has been cluttered. Mostly with emotional sifting through the death of my mother, her things, my life, starting at a new church, pretty soon moving closer to the church. I have mounds of mail to open, cards yet to read, a host of boxes to pack and then prep for Sunday services and weekly lesson plans.

As I drove this morning, 6ish am I drove in silence and basked in the darkness. Only glimpses of on coming traffic and driving white noise held my attention. It was still, quiet, serene and placid. In all the quietness it resonated so loudly. CLEAR AWAY THE CLUTTER.

Ironically, I’d done some house cleaning on my social media site and when I looked at the notifications, I wasn’t so overwhelmed with other’s post and updates. I could see MINE and properly engage in what was personally directed to me.

In as much as the feed was an eye-opener, I discovered more areas of my cluttered world. That if I just took enough time to sift through the mounds and extrapolate the necessary I would be more productive, decisive and on target for my goals in life.

With the emotional mound, I began to delete the images of why and what if that swirled, rather I spent a good thrity minutes reading material that began to answer some questions about death and dying as well as free me from the silent torment of uncertainties and questionings. I cleared the clutter and my heart felt lighter but definitely my mind became calmer.

These next few days will be dedicated to CLUTTER ELIMINATION. I must do this so I can see my path a little more with focus and decisiveness. I believe the silence spoke volumes and now the process has opened up room for the best and not just settling for less.

Mission plan in Action.


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