Embrace Life

Today marks 3 months since my mom died. This emptiness is real I deal with it but must live. My mom was prissy and loved the hair, nails, clothes perfume, shoes etc… (not make-up). I like it ALL but haven’t kept myself like I once did. So TODAY I think I’ll reintroduce some things into my life. I really do feel better when I look better and keep myself up. So… In keeping with my debt free journey.
Maybe I’ll paint my nails, give myself a facial(she taught me how to do it with natural oats and eggs) I might call to see if my therapist can work me in for a massage TODAY. Might try some holiday crafts or art. Basically what I’m saying is before I even start this day I’m setting it in order to deal with my grief in a POSITIVE manner. In a way that will help me to LIVE. I must keep living and go on. She’s doing her thing now so I must go forward in my life as well.
( now let me sneak over to Sheri G’s page to see outfit/nail of the day so I can get some style tips)
Be strong ALJO ANGELS……
I AM NOT CRYING ALL DAY!!! And YOU DON’T either, embrace the beauty of LIFE!


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