13 Weeks Ago

My life changed October 10th 2015 at 3:02am. I welcomed a little puffy eyed, red lipped screaming baby girl into my world. All before that day, life was different. I thought I understood unconditional love but she proved I hadn’t even scratched the surface of loving without judgements or limits. I thought I led the troops in sacrifice and selflessness. The many days and nights of full attention on her, identified just how selective I was. The joy I thought my current situation had taken, came flooding back in like a waterfall splashing laughter and smiles on my face flowing bubbling up from deep within. The assaults  to my confidence, identity and womanhood began to disappear each time she gazed into my eyes. I knew I had to rise up, even go it alone. The mistake I knew I’d made quickly turned to a redemption path to regain lost years, explore new territory and uncharted rocky ground.

13 weeks later, we’re on a new path together. Those puffy eyes shine so brightly.  They pierce my soul and melt my heart.  I get huge sloppy open mouth kisses from those tiny red, now pink lips. Life is fresh. Joy exudes. Peace flows. I’m feeling just as young as she and resting in the arms of my Master for His guided plan.  

 I’ve come a very long way in such a short span. She redefined purpose, strength and hope for me and now my world is promising again. 

The journey inward.  



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